Greengate Islamic College

It is our aim to provide our communities with leaders that can tackle the increasing number of challenges facing the British Muslim Community. As well as the many social issues requiring pastoral care and advice, we aim to prepare our students to be able to tackle issues such as Extremism and Islamophobia. Hence, the vision of Greengate Islamic College; Learn today, lead tomorrow.

We try to focus on the needs of each individual student and aim to nurture each student in order to ensure their journey at The Greengate Islamic College is successful and progressive.

Academic excellence in Islamic studies

We also offer a number of short courses running on weekends and evenings throughout the year, aiming to tackle important issues such as Marriage Guidance, Parenting, Funeral and Burial Rites, Inheritance etc.

Why Choose GIC?

The College provides the best opportunity for students who want a deeper understanding of Islam, its philosophy, and its law, in its right context and perspective. We aim to equip our students with the relevant modern skills and abilities that are necessary for their future roles as community leaders. We aspire to nurture our students with self-esteem, good ethics and values. 

The College is also committed to combining academic excellence in Islamic studies with a religious point of view to offer a unique overview of Islam and related affairs. 

Creating competent and skilled leaders for the modern British Muslim Community.

College Address

87 Greengate Street

07593 983928
07979 866369